Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Doing "nothing criminally wrong"

and doing nothing morally wrong would seem to be two different things.
The current Leader of the Opposition at federal level Downunder has been cleared of any criminal wrong doing with respect to certain affairs being investigated by the Trade Union Royal Commission.  He is now jumping up and down and demanding, yet again, that the TURC be closed down. He has also rejected the apology the TURC offered for releasing the  information at about 8pm at night - after the main news services were finished for the day. 
I think he should be thanking them for timing it then - and for their finding. He's a lucky man.
He may not have committed a criminal act with respect to the affairs under investigation but he apparently felt the need to appear in front of the commission with a team of high profile legal advisers. His actions were not the actions of a man who is completely confident about what he had done. And yes, his election campaign was funded by morally dubious means. And no, he didn't always do the right thing by the workers he was supposed to represent when he was a trade union official. 
Those things may not be criminal acts but they are morally suspect. 
Having said that I don't doubt that there are plenty of morally suspect acts in the cupboards of politicians of all persuasions. I do not doubt that many of them would like to ensure that some of their activities never see the light of day. 
But this is a little different. This man wants to be Prime Minister. He wants the country to vote him and his party in at the next election. He is claiming he has the interests of workers at heart and that only he and his party will see that the most needy in society will be cared for. 
A great many people are likely to believe him. They will vote for him - although, at present, there are indications there won't be enough for him to form government. Whether he gains power or not is however not the issue here. It is that he is claiming to be something he isn't. He is claiming to be an honest, upright, caring man who has always acted in the best interests of other people. Is any politician like that?
He's a lucky man because the morality of his acts has not been closely scrutinised. He might be better advised to now keep quiet - and hope people forget.

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