Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Book of the year???

Oh Vanessa I have no idea. No, I won't go for one of those "award" winning books and I won't go for one of those mega-sellers. They have already been given accolades by others. Their authors don't need me to add to them. 
Does it have to be something published this year or can it be something I have used a lot this year? 
My most used book every year would be the Oxford English Dictionary. That's not quite what you meant? Oh.
I bought twelve copies of the Teenage Guide To Stress this year. Nicola Morgan's book is keeping me poor - but it is proving enormously helpful to teenagers. When the boy serving at the checkout stops serving a customer and rushes out and hugs me because I suggested reading it and he did and he asked me for help with his essays as a result and he got the marks he needed to get into his choice of course - well I reckon that makes it the book of the year. 
But that was published last year...I am not allowed to have that?
I suppose that, for adult novels, "The Girl on the Train"  (Paula Hawkins) might do it.
But, does it have to be an adult book? No? Oh good. I think I have found my book of the year. It's a picture book.
It's "The Unstoppable Maggie McGee" by Juliet Clare Bell with illustrations by Dave Grey. It is a book about childlike wonder and imagination. It is about hope and friendship and caring for each other. 
I think I'll have that as my book of the  year.

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