Sunday, 13 December 2015

What I am reading now????

Well Vanessa, I suppose this one is a little easier - but of course I read more than one book at any time.There's my reading for work, my non-fiction and my fiction.
Oh let's start with the non-fiction because I am nearly at the end of that one.
I have been reading a book which someone asked me to read. It was the result of a conversation we had - one of many - about the many and varied roles of women. R... had been looking through her bookshelves and finding it impossible to throw anything out when she came across something she thought I "ought" to read. I was cautious about this. The book is called "When God was a Woman" by Merlin Stone. She passed it over with, "You will find this interesting."
I have now read most of it. At times it has irritated me because the person who wrote it is not an academic and her style switches from personal to academic and back again. She makes a lot of claims without having the endless references an academic would have to back them up. But, the book has some very interesting ideas about the apparent shift from the dominant status of women and the worship of "the Goddess" to the reverse.
The Senior Cat and I have discussed parts of it over the meal table. (He takes a keen interest in such things even now.) I will discuss it further with R...
But I will also be glad to go back and finish reading the utterly fascinating "Landmarks" by Robert Macfarlane and then "Language Play" - a David Crystal I have not yet read.
Work reading...I am about to embark on Larissa Fast's "Aid in Danger" - something I should have read some time ago but don't really want to read because it will both depress and anger me that people who go to help in disasters all too often risk their lives as well.
As for the fiction...I have just finished Peter James, "You are dead" and just begun, "A Banquet of Consequences" - Elizabeth George. 
Right at the moment anything more "literary" than that is too much to handle. 
Yes, I endeavour to read widely but sometimes.... 

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