Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Most recent (book) purchase????

Ah now Vanessa, I'll have to be careful that none of the people on my Christmas and birthday list are reading this....because I am not sure in which order I decided on the following...
(1) Another copy of Big Blue Sky by Peter Garrett. I am not sure how well people in Upover know Peter Garrett. He was the lead man in the group known as "Midnight Oil" and he was also a Senator in the previous government.  One of my claims to (non)fame is that I went to the same law school as he did - and we were never allowed to forget he went there. 
The sort of music "Midnight Oil" went for is not mine but he has led an interesting life in other ways and his autobiography is intended as a birthday present.
(2) "The believing brain" by Michael Shermer is a stocking filler for the Senior Cat. It's a psychology book about why people believe things - a companion to his "Why people believe weird things" which the Senior Cat found fascinating. I know, a little odd to be giving someone as a Christmas present but - believe me - he will be pleased.
(3) I also bought him "Confessions of a Conjurer" by Derren Brown - an autobiography of a fellow magician.
(4) And I bought one of my nephews "What If..." by Randall Munroe. It is the quirky sort of thing he will enjoy dipping into in the rare moments he has time to read anything.
(5) And three more copies of "Captain Beastlie's Pirate Party by Lucy Coats - at the request of a friend unable to get to a bookshop She has three nephews she thinks will appreciate the story. I know they will - they are dirt magnetised.
I think that's a pretty good haul. 

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