Tuesday, 8 December 2015

First literary crush???

Cripes Vanessa! These get more difficult.
My first literary crush would have to be a very long time ago... Milly Molly Mandy perhaps? I was about four when I first came across her. I thought she was pretty good. I mean she did things didn't she? They were pretty ordinary things like going blackberrying but I could relate to them. After all she lived in a village which seemed quite a lot like the small country community I lived in at the time.
And soon after that there was Pippi Longstocking. Now there was a girl! She lived on her own - well, apart from a horse and a monkey. She was immensely strong. She did things too. The only problem was that Pippi did not go to school - and that had to mean she didn't have a supply of books to read. Apart from that I rather liked Pippi although I don't think my mother approved of her in the least. 
On the male side there was Tin Tin - at around six I thought he was pretty good. I didn't mind The Little Prince either - although I thought he was very lonely. 
Then came Nicholas Fetterlock in Cynthia Harnett's "The Woolpack". Oh yes, Nicholas is good looking, intelligent, loyal and he does things despite the restrictions of his place in society and his would-be over-protective mother with ambitions for him. I was always a little envious of Cecily because she is betrothed to him. Does she realise how lucky she is? Perhaps.
I felt the same way about Robin in "The Little White Horse". He gets things done too. Maria is going to marry him. Lucky Maria! Those two are going to have an interesting marriage. Don't be too independent Maria.
But I suppose real literary crushes should begin in adolescence? That's more difficult. You see I didn't fall in love with Heathcliff - or Mr Rochester - or Mr Darcy - or Atticus Finch. I really don't know - mind you I might have fallen for KM Peyton's Pennington - had he been around for me to meet at the time. 

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