Friday, 13 May 2016

Exercise class?

The Senior Cat has been going to a twice weekly "exercise class" for the last five weeks. The last session will be today. The idea behind the ten sessions was to restore his confidence after his fall. I think it has helped. He says it has. He is still very cautious but at least I am not holding my breath each time I watch him stand up. Middle Cat has been her usual stern and unrelenting self in such matters. Physiotherapist cats are bullies in more ways than one.
So, today he has to go for the last time.
It means I won't have to hoist him out of bed early (for him) and see to it that he has bathers and towel (for the pool), his taxi vouchers and everything else. It's a bit like getting a child off to school. We have succeeded so far. There is no reason to suppose we won't today.
He was very late getting home on Wednesday. Taxi drivers don't like short trips and this is a short one. I think that's been the biggest problem of all. The Senior Cat hates using taxis. He is a very polite sort of cat and he worries that he will mishear or completely misunderstand what the taxi driver will say to him. They are almost always "foreign". They speak with accents. He's not used to that and his hearing is getting worse.
Earlier in the week he also had to go back to the cardiologist. Middle Cat took him to that appointment. It was just as well. There was another "foreigner" involved. The Senior Cat could not understand this delightful man at all. He came home and said he was "very nice". I spoke to him on the phone before he put the pacemaker in and I agree. He is very nice. He is one of those kind, caring, empathetic doctors we all want when we aren't well. He's also the Professor of Cardiology at the university. And yes, he has an accent. 
He's a Scot. This is not "foreign". All the Senior Cat's ancestors are Scots. 


jeanfromcornwall said...

For sure Scots acents are foreign. To the extent that sometimes someone with a very strong Scots accent wil be given subtitles on television. They don't tend to like it but it does help to understand what they reckon they are saying.

catdownunder said...

Och, you wee bairns from Cornwall - ye cannae ken guid Scots? :)