Monday, 9 May 2016

We are now officially in "election

mode". Downunder goes to the polls on July 2nd.
Yes, it will be a long election campaign. Yes, it is a "double dissolution". 
The High Court has not yet brought down a judgment with respect to the changes for the voting rules for the Senate. If they find for those challenging the new rules then it will be chaos. It's not likely but it could happen.
Some election "corflutes" (posters) are already up in this district. They suggest we have the choice between an ageing union man from the left and a pretty young thing from the right. In truth both of them are pretty close to the centre. No doubt we will also see two more candidates further to the left appear in a few days. 
An election campaign this long is a massive risk for the government. They will have to hope that the current Opposition makes some major blunders over the next two months.
The strategy on one side seems to be the economy. The strategy on the other side seems to be people. My own strategy would be to try and manage the economy in such a way that people benefit. I am told that "it doesn't work like that" by both sides. We will see.
There are some very serious issues which should be up for discussion before the election. I suspect they will be hijacked and that any "debate" will end up in a shouting match. 
One of the journalists put up a reminder on Twitter, a reminder to the young to enrol now if they are eligible to vote.   It's not a bad thing to remind them to do - if they can work out what on earth the adults are on about.

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Anonymous said...

I honestly do not think the grown ups have any idea what they are doing. (I cannot come at calling them adults!)