Thursday, 19 May 2016

I bought two Christmas presents

yesterday. No, I am not being smug about this. I am most certainly not "super-organised" as someone said to me a little later. 
It just happens that I was late getting a birthday present we could post easily. 
You see, I forgot to give Brother Cat's lovely partner her birthday present when she was here. My only excuse is that there was rather a lot going on - like the clearing out of a shed. Sigh.
I can give her the birthday present next time I see her but it is rather awkward to post so I went in search of something else. It was the only thing to do.
Normally I would have headed to the bookshop but she is "not much of a reader" and I had already ascertained there was nothing likely to interest her there - yes, truly. She really isn't a reader of books. I love her  but I cannot understand how she cannot read. 
So, I headed "up the hill" instead. I went to the shop that sells all the "stones" and "chakras" and "incense" and other stuff I really don't understand but I know she loves. They also sell quite sensible Celtic jewellery and other earrings and pendants and mugs and t-shirts and more. I have often found things in there. The current owners are nice people. Sadly they are planning to sell the business so that she can care for her elderly parents at home. I hope the people who buy it will be just as nice.
J.... was not around but her husband was. He heard the door bell and came out to see who it was, said hello and we chatted a moment and then he said, "Give me a call if you find something" and disappeared back into the wholesale area at the back. 
I prowled around, found something I thought was suitable and the two Christmas presents. One is for the birthday girl. The other is for my youngest sister who lives in another state. 
I put my head around the door into the wholesale section and told the owner I had found what I wanted - and more. We both laughed too. Earrings will be easy to post - just as long as the butterflies on one don't decide to fly off!
And no, I really am not that organised. I just hope I don't forget the "safe place" I have put these things. 


Melodye Traupel said...

Be wary of that "safe place," dear Cat. I still have things in safe places that I can't find.
Sister Cat

catdownunder said...

Yes Big Sister! :)