Sunday, 4 December 2016

I went to a "Christmas party"

yesterday. It was a mistake. I should have stayed at home, out of the heat and the noise. 
Nobody was drunk. It wasn't that sort of party.  It was one of those "bring a plate to share" and chatter sort of parties with silly hats and a competition. I just wasn't ready to cope with it.  
My tail didn't get trodden on. My fur didn't get ruffled too badly but I felt out of place.
I  usually do at such events. I am not much good at shouting. I like to "miaou" quietly. There is not much pleasure in struggling to make oneself heard.
A friend was absent. Her husband and daughter are both in hospital. She still found time to bring someone else I know and like - and then come back later to pick her up. I wish she lived closer. I might be able to do something to help. 
I did not "take a plate" as I had to feed the Senior Cat first. He's been gardening in the good weather. It's slow but he's enjoying the gardening he is still able to do. I want him to go on doing it for as long as he can. I can look out the window now and see the tomatoes, capsicum, lettuce, and strawberry plants. They are all in pots and the pots are on trestle tables. 
A bit further along are the gladioli I put in outside the Senior Cat's bedroom window. There is one white one out - and it is beautiful. We don't cut them and bring them in. We leave them there. The birds come and peck at insects from them and the two apple trees. 
It's busy but peaceful.
I suppose the contrast between that and the "party" was just too great yesterday. It hasn't been a good year. There's another funeral to go to this coming week. 
But there are good things which happen. Yesterday someone slipped a jar of fig jam into my bag - for the Senior Cat. We didn't have enough figs for me to make any this year. He doesn't eat a lot of jam but this was welcome, very welcome. 
On my way home I saw someone I knew. I stopped briefly to speak to him. His wife came out and asked if I wanted a drink - and then saw the water bottle in my hand. Their daughter is expecting a baby. It hasn't been an easy pregnancy.  I asked about her.
      "Baby's due on the 25th," I was told.
Even if it doesn't arrive then, if it just arrives safely, we will have a little Christmas miracle. That will be something worth celebrating, a party worth having.

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