Tuesday, 6 December 2016

It is one of those "fasting blood test"

mornings and I am not a happy cat. I want my breakfast!
I need breakfast. I can go without other meals if I must but I need breakfast. It doesn't have to be much but I need breakfast!
It set me thinking once again though. Yes, I am lucky that, on other mornings, I get breakfast. It also made me wonder about what other people eat for breakfast. 
The Senior Cat has exactly the same breakfast all year around. That way, he says, he needn't think about it. He can read the paper in peace without wondering what to eat or drink.
Mine are much the same. 
Middle Cat's household is different. My BIL sometimes doesn't bother with breakfast - although he knows he should and tries to do the right thing. He has been known to eat cold pizza or leftover Chinese for breakfast. Middle Cat tends to eat toast laden with Vegemite. (Those of you in Upover may substitute Marmite. It isn't the same but....) She has been known to make French toast, especially at weekends. When their two boys were living at home they had cereal, toast, fruit, eggs and other things...not all at once. They needed breakfast for an active day at school.
There was a farmer I knew. We spent a weekend at his home. He consumed cereal, an entire tin of baked beans, two eggs and six slices of toast for breakfast. I don't remember him as "fat". He probably worked very hard physically.  
I know people who eat yoghurt on the grounds it  is "good" for them. (I am not sure that the "fat-free" but sugar laden sort is.) I know people who drink "smoothies" or just a glass of orange juice. Our late friend B..., whom I mentioned recently, carried her love of cooking from the little French restaurant, to her own home. They would occasionally have tourists to stay on a "bed and breakfast" basis and she would provide home made croissants, fresh fruit, and real coffee along with other things. I think she just enjoyed doing the food preparation because she rarely ate more than fruit with her coffee.
The local shopping centre  is always busy on Sunday mornings. People are out and about and they have "brunch". There is a local cafe which prepares eggs in around seven different ways. There is even "bacon and eggs" on the menu. I suppose people must order it.
But it does make me wonder... does anyone actually cook bacon and eggs at home on a week day morning?

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