Friday, 16 December 2016

THe power will go out again

this summer. It is not a matter of wondering "if" it will but "when" it will. We know it is bound to happen on more than one day. We know it will happen on the very hottest days when everyone wants their air conditioning. It will happen when people are trying to keep food fresh and drinks cold in the refrigerator.
We have had a couple of major black outs in this state this year. They have caused widespread damage - to business and confidence. 
We have the most expensive and unreliable electricity supply in the country. Is it any wonder that unemployment is up? Despite all this the Greens still want us to go 100% green. 
You know, I'd like to go 100% green and 100% renewable and I'd like to do it cheaply. It would be nice to know we are doing our bit for the environment.
This year I am more concerned about what will happen if we have a major blackout and the emergency services cannot communicate with one another. That could happen. Those mobile phone towers need power - and their back up arrangements are wildly unreliable. I try not to think of disasters that could happen...but I do have an imagination. And yes, I worry about how the Senior Cat will cope in the heat. He wasn't  comfortable last summer. 
But all this pales into insignificance when I consider that there are people who had electricity but have now been without it for months. They had food, water, shelter, friends, neighbours, jobs and more. They are still living under constant threat of "the next bomb might land on us". 
It is easy to blame Assad, the regime, the Russians, the rebels - and more. There is a humanitarian emergency of massive proportions unfolding in Syria and I am not interested in the local director of the Save the Children Fund doing his bit on television telling us how the aid trucks can't get in. I know those lorries can't get in. I know what's on those lorries. I also know damn well why those lorries can't get in. 
It's all about power. What's on those lorries is seen as power. If you can withhold food and shelter then you have power.

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