Friday, 21 October 2022

A bikie's moll?

 If there is a little political turmoil in Upover right now pity us here in Downunder because we have some too...and ours may actually be every bit as serious.

Yesterday it was announced that the deputy leader of the Greens in the Senate had been asked to resign. She was asked to resign because, she had undisclosed relationship with a bikie while also on a joint parliamentary law enforcement committee. She was receiving confidential briefings about law enforcement and criminal gangs. The bikie in question was involved in these things.

"Asked to resign?" She should not even have been asked to resign. She should have been sacked - and forced to resign her position as a Senator.  

Of course this is not the way the Greens do things. They claim to be very "democratic" about such things.

This same Senator tried to refuse to swear an oath "to a coloniser Queen" on entering parliament. She gave a Nazi style salute in the Senate as she eventually did what was required of her.  Since then she has appeared at protests shouting vile language at the police and refusing  to move on. There is more but I won't go into it here. This alone is enough to suggest that the Senator in question is not fit to hold the position of Senator.

Will she go? Almost certainly not. The reason for this is almost certainly going to be because her own party won't want to be seen to do anything which might be seen as "racist". Yes, the Senator claims to be "indigenous", to represent the interests of indigenous people. It is for this reason that the present government will also be treading carefully and why the media is treading carefully.

In her home state there is a slightly different feeling among  at least some of the indigenous people she claims to represent. One of them sent me an email last night - one I didn't see until this morning. "Is there any way we can get rid of her? She's an embarrassment. We don't accept her."

I am left wondering how such patently unsuitable people manage to get elected. I never wanted a political career and still have cold shivers over my narrow escape. I would not have been good at the job but there are others I know who would have been - and they feel as I do. 

We need to change politics but I have no idea how to do it. It is going to be a rough ride to the next election.

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