Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Thieves and vandals

and more.

I wonder how many other people were infuriated by the sight of "activists" pouring good food on to the floor of a supermarket as a "protest"? Yes, the milk the so-called "climate activists were pouring on to the floor was good food, food which could have helped to feed a hungry child. It was a stupid and potentially very dangerous act. To my mind such "activists" are simply thieves and vandals - and they need to be treated as such.  

The same goes for those who throw paint at works of art, glue themselves to works of art, lie down in roadways, block venues and more. I really don't care what you think or what you are protesting about. You are encroaching on the rights of others. You are committing criminal acts and you are often diverting services needed by others.  All too often you also get away with it.

Why should you? If you are a "pensioner" or "unemployed" and you "cannot afford to pay a fine" then I am sorry but other ways will have to be found to make you pay. The idea that you "have not really done anything wrong" because you feel so passionately about an issue is beside the point. The law has to apply equally. If you are taking milk and pouring it on the floor then that is theft and it has to be dealt with in the same way as any other shoplifting incident. If someone slips on the milky floor and breaks a bone then you need to be liable for the consequences. It is not sufficient to say that the shop should have dealt with it - even while the incident is occurring. How would you feel if an older person slipped, broke their hip and this led (as it all too often does) to pneumonia and death? Is your "climate activism" still more important? 

I know there are people out there who do feel that their climate activism should not have the same the consequences. They really do believe that everything they do in the name of "climate change" should not face the same consequences because the issue is so important. 

A sporting organisation in this country is in trouble because activists within it do not want to wear a uniform which also advertises the prospecting company which has given them a $15m donation to see them through the next four years. You don't like mining or prospecting for potential mining? Fine...don't accept the donation. You can't have it both ways. Face the consequences. If it means the end of your sport too bad...but just remember that not everyone in the group feels the same way and what about all the young ones coming up who might want to play it some day? What you cannot do is accept the donation and then expect the donor to give in to your demands. Your activism will have consequences.

These things do not mean people cannot be "activists" but we have to recognise that there are other, legal, and much more effective means of being an activist. They may not be as much "fun". They may not bring about the adrenalin thrill that a confrontation with the authorities does. They may not give you the publicity you crave but they are much more likely to bring about a result. 

And just by the way... all those supposedly "environmentally friendly" soy, almond and coconut milks have issues of their own with respect to nutrition and environmental impact. That herd of cows in the field may actually be helping rejuvenate the planet more than most people want to recognise.


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