Thursday, 6 October 2022

The "inclusive" football club

which has just caused their new CEO to resign a day after he was appointed perhaps needs to reflect on how "inclusive" it really is.

The CEO in question was forced to resign because he also belongs to a church which opposes abortion and same sex marriage. It is apparently one of those small fundamentalist churches - perhaps one of those where people raise their hands and sway as they sing. 

I know many people who feel uncomfortable about that sort of behaviour.  That's fine. I don't feel comfortable myself - but then, like most people, I don't feel particularly comfortable about displaying my emotions in highly charged public settings. What is not fine is telling someone else they cannot hold a public position the group they belong to holds such beliefs. 

I am not particularly in tune with Roman Catholic theology but I think the hierarchy are also supposed to oppose abortion and same sex marriage. That said I know at least two RC priests who are remarkably tolerant about these matters, indeed more tolerant than some non-church goers I know. I know Anglican priests with similar views. While I don't know what rabbis in general believe according to a Pew Research paper around 80% of Jews believe homosexuals should be accepted. 

I undoubtedly need to better inform myself about a great many things but it seems to me that the actions of the football club are not in keeping with their claims to be a club which claims to be "inclusive" and to "support LGBTQI rights". If you cannot support those things and support someone who privately holds other beliefs then it seems to me to be prejudice of another sort. To inform someone that they will not be employed because they hold beliefs that will not impact on their day to day work role is surely discrimination of the worst sort? 

If we allow that sort of discrimination to take place where will it end? Will we continue to tell people they cannot be employed because they hold another position on global warming, mandatory sentencing or the death penalty? What if they deny the existence of dinosaurs or refuse to wear a jersey to "celebrate gay pride"?

Is it perhaps time to stop demanding everyone thinks the same way even while claiming to support "diversity"?    

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