Thursday, 19 February 2009

On not getting 'the Marj'

So Media Mike (aka our Premier Mike Rann) has apparently given in to Marjorie Jackson-Nelson and decided to keep the Royal Adelaide Hospital name. The "RAH" also needs to be kept.
Adelaide does not need a super-size hospital in the middle of the city. It needs smaller hospitals further out and specialist hospitals at the RAH and the Flinders Medical Centre. This would be better for the young doctors in training.
Mike Rann cannot see beyond being remembered for a large, unwieldy and inefficient hospital over the railway tracks. It is typical of his entire premiership - it has all been about big in-your-face projects. It is time he thought about what is actually needed instead of tramlines to nowhere and other like projects. He could have done far more on water and sustainable power projects.
The other interesting thing however is that the RAH has 'Royal' in the name - and nobody, not even the most rabid republicans, have suggested changing it for that reason.
Australia does not need to become a republic. It is already a crowned republic but the lack of comment on "Royal" may be more significant than republicans would like.

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