Thursday, 12 February 2009

Show a little consideration

At the point where Australians are being asked to dig deep and give generously to the bushfire appeal at least one charity is still trying to raise money on its own behalf for a local cause. Yes, I know local charities are still going to need money but, at least for this week and next they should resist the temptation to try and sell raffle tickets for luxury items. They are likely to get turned down and it will be a 'phone call wasted and more money wasted.
Yes, there will be some who will still think "What's in it for me?" and buy a ticket - but they will also buy a ticket two weeks down the track.
Let's concentrate on the needs of the bushfire victims. This has hit many Australians hard. A lot of us live in or close to bushfire prone areas. South Australia could still get hit with a serious fire. We have been fortunate that there have not been fires in some areas. Many people are undoubtedly conscious of this and thus anxious to help.
The wonderful Manager of our local St Vincent de Paul has managed to find someone to take the boxes I have been fortunate enough to put togerther. Not having a car is a nuisance at a time like this but a cheerful man 'phoned a short while ago and even asked if he would need the trailer. We decided that two trips in his car should do it.

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