Sunday, 15 February 2009

Smoke not rainbows

The haze is still in the hills behind us. It comes from the Victorian fires. I could smell it yesterday morning. One of our tanks is empty. We desperately need some rain but there is none on the horizon. They could do with even more in Victoria to put out the fires.
They are raffling off one of the shawls at the church today. It is the rainbow coloured shawl I actually knitted last year as we passed through some of that bushfire country. It is most unlikely that I will ever go back to Bendigo. The trip was interesting enough and I am perhaps glad I had the experience but I cannot understand why some people go back year after year.
Now there is another reason not to go and that is because of the appalling devastation. Those in the midst of it do not sightseers and gawkers.

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