Thursday, 4 February 2010

100 stories for Haiti

is to be found here 9
It is an initiative of Greg McQueen and others. They asked for contributions of 'flash fiction' - short, short stories for a book to be sold for the benefit of the earthquake victims in Haiti. Proceeds to Red Cross efforts there.
I heard about it from two sources, one was a colleague who works for the International Red Cross and was in Haiti. (He heard about it from a writer friend in the United Kingdom) and the other was a link from Vanessa Gebbie's blog - one I do not normally read - where she had also mentioned it.
Now, I do not write short stories - or so I thought. The colleague said, "Come on Cat - write something for us." I snarled and said, "I haven't got time I am too busy writing communication boards so you can talk to the locals."
And then, something happened. I came home from my friend Polly's jubilee celebrations and went to finish a bit of work and there was the link to Vanessa Gebbie's blog. I clicked on the link to Greg McQueen's site, read and then clicked on the link to put it into e-mail mode - and wrote.
I am still puzzled. I do not know how I did this. I have no idea where the words came from. It just happened. I am actually terrified in case I have subconsciously, unconsciously, somethingly and totally accidentally and unintentionally plagiarised something. I hope I have not - because they accepted what I wrote. "And the first note sang" (they had to ask me for a title because I sent it off untitled) is sitting in the list.
Am I going to feel like this if I ever get anything else published? It is just plain scary.
It also bothers me that the writing has not been edited...and heck it needs to be. I should have been able to leave it for at least a few days and then go back and do some weeding and planting in the way that Nicola Morgan was suggesting just recently. The problem was that I got it in with about three hours to spare before the deadline and it was very late when I did it. It is not an excuse, I know I can write better than that, much better. I think I am scared of myself.


Old Kitty said...


Mine got accepted too! Congratulations!!!!

Well done!!!

I can;t wait to get the anthology and read yours and everyone elses!!

Such wonderful news!

p.s mine's "The Kids are Alright".


Take care and congratulations again!


Donna Hosie said...

Good for you, cat. I think you tend to be a cautious feline, but look what happens when you allow yourself to go feral for a moment!

catdownunder said...

I am purring for you "Old Kitty" - congratulations.

Go feral? It was scary - I think I used up one of my nine lives. Thanks Donna!

Holly said...

the deadlines work for your story boards - why not for your stories?

catdownunder said...

Communication boards do not require the same degree of editing - I suppose I could just kill someone there by getting the words wrong. (That scares me so much I triple check!)

Welshcake said...

Well done cat. Sometimes we do our best work when we let ourselves relax into it...

Rachel Fenton said...

Wee hee! The ball is rolling! So pleased for you. Been all snaggled up with school and my daughter's swimming and I missed this!

Well done - don't worry about it not being edited or triple checked - it's obviously good - they liked it! Can't wait to read it now!

Jen Campbell said...

Congratulations, Cat, that's excellent new. And don't panic, I'm sure your story is great xx

catdownunder said...

Thanks Rachel, Jen. (You know what a coward I am Jen!)