Friday, 12 February 2010

Eco Wash Balls?

I took a couple of hours off yesterday. (I know, naughty of me as I have only been working almost without a break for four weeks now and I had two hours off on Saturday as well. That's an hour off a week!)
Dad and I went out to lunch. One of the other people at the same event was talking enthusiastically about "eco wash balls". I had never heard of these things. She talked on and on about what a marvellous job they did of washing the clothes without the need for any washing powder. When the wash was done, she claimed, they could use the same water for the floors and the car and then the garden. It sounded too good to be true. Why has this invention not made a huge impact in the media? Did I miss something?
I asked her how they worked. The answer was full of fancy words like 'ion' and phrases like "oxygen in the water". Oh. I see. She was obviously very sincere and absolutely convinced. I accept a business card with the name of the supplier. Yes, I will look into it but why has there been no media splash? Oh, well they have been around for a while. Why is it they are not sold in supermarkets? Well that would be the soap powder manufacturers stopping that. I see.
Apparently I need to remember that some people sell these balls for $75 or more. They can be got for as little as $14.95. Right. I will remember that too.
Out of curiosity I did look them up when I got home. Dad was equally curious. Choice gives the things a 'shonky' award. That is good enough for Dad. It is what we suspect. He reckons he could make one for about 40c, less if he could find an old plastic ball.
But 'ion' is what really bothers me. I had this glorious vision of pulling clothes ready to wear from the washing machine. The real problem is that the wash balls do not 'iron'.

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