Thursday, 25 February 2010

I have come to the conclusion that

turning an idea upside down or inside out or back to front or wrong way around is essential if I want to write about it. I may not use the idea like that (or it may not use me) but I need to see it like that. It requires mental gymnastics.
This may be why I do not watch very much television and, aside from the cost, do not see very many films. I dislike having other people's visual vision imposed on mine. When I am writing I know, or need to know, what my landscape looks like. Other people's ideas are apt to confuse me.
It was therefore with great hesitation that I went researching tunnels yesterday. I knew nothing about tunnels. Even after the research I did I feel I know very little about tunnels. I think I know enough now. I also like them even less than I did before and that may be a good thing. I think I have solved my problem. I do not think I need to change the idea but I have changed the direction. I had the geography wrong. Now that I understand the geography I can continue the journey.


Tony said...

Don't get too obsessed with the topic; otherwise, you may get tunnel vision ;)

On a completely different note, a couple of blokes were handing out flyers at my local station today. Rather than the usual religious pamphlets or invitations to join a gym, they urged us to e-mail Martin Pakula, State Minister for Transport, to ask why the new station car park hadn't been opened yet.

So I did :)

catdownunder said...

Ah, good on ya' mate!

Rachel Fenton said...

Ha! Funnyness!

I'm researching tunnels. Not much though - the more I fins out about some things, the less I want to write about them. I think it's better to write what you want to write and be true to your own vision and then worry about the facts and all that stuff later. This is after I've spent six months up to my ears in research! Hindsight's a marvellous thing!