Friday, 5 February 2010

What part of No - that was NO -

do you not understand?
We are on the "Do Not Call" register. The register is designed to reduce the number of nuisance calls from people wanting to sell us fertiliser, roof cleaning, movie ticket 'deals' and lottery tickets for the local footy club etc. We are not interested in these things. If we were we would seek them out.
Unfortunately the register does not stop everyone. Charities still have the legal right to call. So do politicians. Survey people believe they also have the right to call. Calls come from overseas.
Yesterday we had a call. My father answered the call. There was a very heavily accented voice at the other end of the line. From India? My father immediately thought of the 'phone service. They use an Indian call centre. No.
He does not understand what they are trying to say so he passes the 'phone over to me as I come in.
"What do you want?"
"It is the home of...."
"Yes. What do you want?"
"I am from the..." This is something I have never heard of. "We are doing research on..."
"I am sorry we do not participate in telephone surveys."
"You are required to participate..."
"No we are not."
"It is a government requirement. It is important. It is about..."
"If it is a government requirement then you can put it in writing. We do not participate in telephone surveys."
I put the 'phone down gently.
The 'phone rings again. It is the same person. He is still trying to insist. He says there is nothing 'personal'. No? Does he want an age range? Yes. (No comment.) Does he want an income range? Yes. (No comment.) Does he want to know whether someone has an investment income? Yes. (No comment.)
"You must answer these questions."
"I do not have to answer any questions at all. They are personal. What part of No do you not understand? Now, may I have your name and address because I am going to send you a bill for wasting my time."
The 'phone goes down at the other end of the line with a bang. Will we get something in writing? I doubt it.


Colette said...

There's a government requirement to participate in surveys downunder? You were awfully patient actually -- my conversation would have been much shorter.

Rachel Fenton said...

One word, two letters and yet so much to misinterpret...

catdownunder said...

Some government surveys are compulsory Colette - but there is usually paperwork involved so that you know it is genuine. Other people try to get away with claiming you need to answer. If you do not then they ignore you in the final analysis and that skews the results! (Statistics are a wonderful thing. :-) )

Donna Hosie said...

That do not call register has proven to be a Godsend. We were getting inundated until we went on that.

(I would have put the phone down as well, btw.)

Ooh, word verification is "clings" - how very apt.

catdownunder said...

Oh I am glad other people feel the same way!

Agnieszkas Shoes said...

We have a telephone preference service in the Uk you can register with to avoid getting pestilential calls. Not all companies sign up to it, which drives me bonkers. I always ask them why on earth theyw oiuld expect someone tod o business with a company that refuses to repsect basic personal privacies. As Colette says, you were remarkably forebearing!

Old Kitty said...


You know what annoys me as well? You get your new debit card - bank tells you to ring them to confirm you've received said card - so you ring them and WHILE they do whatever to confirm your details - the cheeky buggers try and sell you more bank products. And when you say, please just confirm my details so I may use my money, they say "You mean you're not interested in getting lower rates with our credit card?" Like they were doing you a favour. Grrrrr.

Sorry! But I know they have a job to do but if your customer says, no, then it really is no!


Great post!

take care

Holly said...

Ah yes. I don't play. I just hang up. And hang up, and hang up.

Talking to them just encourages the behavior.

catdownunder said...

Or you threaten legal action with the really persistent works.