Sunday, 20 January 2013

I am still without

a computer of my own, This is being written on my sister's computer. The keyboard is slightly different and I keep making unexpected errors.
But the really curious thing is that it has disrupted my working day. I usually start very early in the morning - because it fits in well with certain time zones. Right now people are having to wait for responses and our "conversations" are much more limited.
I was used to all of this once. So were they. There was a time when we, at considerable expense, faxed things to one another.  A little later I would download work for the day by dialling in.
Now I can leave the computer on and I can search for information while I am working. It is much faster and more efficient.
Except of course, right at the moment I can do none of those things. I have to pedal over to my sister's house and access my email here.
But blog posts? I suppose I had better try. If I get out of the habit I might stop - and that might mean people would stop reading...and then.. well I do wonder...
Even that matters less than the fact that I do not have a keyboard with which to write at any time of the day or night...I had forgotten just how frustrating it is to have to write things by hand...
But please don't run away. I am still here.


Anonymous said...

I may not be able to read if you don't write each day, but whe you do write I will catch up to it sooner or later.

jeanfromcornwall said...

Please stay with us if you can!

catdownunder said...

I am trying to schedule a post for each day by doing some in advance - will try to keep it going!