Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Of course this one just has to be

about New Year's Resolutions...except that I have not made any. I did not make any last year, or the year before that. I cannot remember when I last made one - if I ever did.
Oh, I think of things I would like to do - but I don't make resolutions out of them. There are too many uncertainties in life for that.
I think I would like to continue the blog. It's a daily challenge of a sort - an exercise of the mind muscles, if I have any.
I think I would like to write the sequel to the book I have on submission. This may be rather foolish. If the first one is not accepted the second one will not be accepted either. The problem is that the two main characters still have things to say. I turned their lives upside down and they are letting me know that. I had no idea that was going to happen.
Last year the writing side hit the bottom. I was prepared to quit. I still wonder why I bother but I got a "brisk licking" from a human I trust. It was rough but she cleaned me up and told me to get on with it. Another human nudged me in (hopefully) an appropriate direction.  We cats are lucky.
I did some knitting too. I made something I thought I would never make. It was difficult. My paws are not designed for that sort of project but I eventually succeeded. The recipient liked it.
Now my goddaughter wants/needs some woolly winter warmth to start university in the northern hemisphere this coming October. I am planning knitting but I am not resolving to do it. If it happens that will be good. I hope it will.
The Senior Cat needs a new gardening garment too....one of those "made from leftovers and randomly striped" jumpers....I might get to that.
We put the new wall calendar up yesterday. It is ruled up by me to cover the entire year. It has (I hope) all the significant birthdays, the regular events, appointments and other information packed (in abbreviated form) onto a single large coloured cardboard sheet. At the present time it looks somewhat empty. I know that will not last. It will soon be filled with more appointments and other things which must be done. At least, I hope that this will be so. It will say that we are still here and able to do things.
I really think the thing about a new year is not to resolve that anything will happen but hope that it might happen and that what happens will be what we want.


Jayne said...

I totally agree. I don't make resolutiuons, either, but I have in my head a Grand Plan (which is more of a Fluffy Plan in retrospect) and will keep taking baby steps towards it, and then see what happens. Happy New Year to you and yours, Cat. x

catdownunder said...

Hi Jayne - and the same to you! How's the magnum opus coming along?