Thursday, 31 January 2013

It is comforting to discover

that even though I am only blogging in the most awkward sort of way there are still lovely people like Donna, Judy, Jean and Miriam who leave comments and let me know that someone is reading this - and yes, I am reading you too.
I wonder what would happen if we suddenly had a world without the internet? How would people manage?
We have become very dependent on the internet and the amount of information it provides - and yet we can also forget it might provide information. It can also provide false information.
The Senior Cat tends to forget it might provide information. He bought some clear lacquer the other day. The assistant at the hardware store assured him that the new brand on the shelf, about the same price as the other brand (out of stock) was just as good. It was not. He needed to apply a further coat and it ended up costing more than the other brand.
When he told me this I said, "Look it up on the 'net and see what they have to say."
It had not occurred to him but I am sure there will be a site where brands of paint are discussed, possibly in a very professional sort of way.
He also has problems with many  of the abbreviations and terms in common use. They are a foreign language to him. The word (if it is a word) "apps" really irritates him. I have tried to explain "blog" more than once. He does not read this blog or any other blog. For him the internet is there to provide him with information if he wants it. He does not want it for any other purpose. He refuses to use e-mail - ("How do you know the person at the other end is going to get it?" - a fair question I suppose.)
My nephew, his grandson, turned up the other day to show him some photographs he had taken on a trip to Tanzania.
      "I thought you were going to show me some photographs," the Senior Cat protested.
      "Yes, we can look at them on your i-pad," my nephew told him, "It's better that way - we can zoom in on some of the animals Isaw."
        It was, the Senior Cat, almost as good as going on safari himself but he is still puzzled by how these things "get there" and "stay there". We tell him not to worry about it. Just enjoy it.
After all, I tell him, I have absolutely no idea how it is I can press buttons and have words appear on a screen and then save them and publish them so other people can read them. That is for people with other expertise.


Anonymous said...

I don't comment but I read your blog daily. Thank you for writing.Genie

jeanfromcornwall said...

I am just catching up with you after a few days off-line, so I missed you while I couldn't see you. My OH sits across the room and goes to a whole different range of places. So it is whatever you want it to be, though, sorry to say, it doesn't look likely that I will come across the Senior Cat on any of my travels!

Helen Devries said...

I can remember thinking it wonderful that from a 'phone box in the depths of France I could ring home!