Monday, 7 January 2013

There are frustrated people

right around me. It is mostly the heat. The Senior Cat wants to finish making toys for his great-grandchildren before they come in February. It is too warm  to be in the shed so he is up  very early each morning to do at least a little while it is cool.
The man mending and painting the pergola at the back was here before seven this morning. He knew we would be up but he also knows he will only get a few hours in before it is too hot to do any more.
I am frustrated because the computer (which is very old) keeps freezing and doing strange things. I may not be around for a bit. (I'll see if I can do some advance posts from elsewhere.)
I know I'll miss, for a while, the twittering on Twitter and that I will have to face the frustrations of going out in the heat to do the essential computer work from elsewhere.
But, it all pales into insignificance when I have just had an email from a friend in England telling me she has terminal cancer. She has been given, she tells me, at most a few months to live. I would love to see her again but know I won't. Our frustrations suddenly seem much smaller.

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