Saturday, 26 January 2013

Today is Australia Day

but the holiday will be celebrated on Monday. Australians have to have their public holiday. If Australia Day or any other "day" falls on a Saturday or Sunday then Australians have to have a day off on the following Monday.
I really do not know why they need this. Australia Day should be 'celebrated' on the day - or not at all. We do not need a further holiday at great cost. It also makes a mockery of the occasion, just as it does if Anzac Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday.
There was a small article in the paper recently saying that forty percent of Australians feel the flag needs shall we say a 'bit of a push or an airing'. I wonder why? There are flags all over the place at present, many of them flying from cars. People are wandering around in Australia Day t-shirts and caps (both made in China of course).
It was also said in the same article that support for a republic has dropped still further and only about a third of the population would now vote for one. That bothers me not at all. I have never supported the idea of 'becoming a republic'. Australia is an independent country now.
But these apparent (and probably inaccurate) statistics are hardly surprising in a country which cannot celebrate its own day on the day.

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the fly in the web said...

To me November 11th is the day on which to commemorate the end of the Great War...nomatter on which day of the week it falls.