Sunday, 21 September 2014

I have been getting an irritating message

on my Blogger homepage to say that I am "not currently following any blogs". Quite apart from being incorrect the message is, according to the page, at least six months old. (I suspect it is even older than that.) I am following some blogs.
I admit that I am not following all the blogs in the list but that is because it appears those bloggers, who had looked as if they might have something interesting to say, have gone silent. Some blogs ceased several years ago. It makes me wonder whether "blogging" has gone out of fashion? Perhaps it has.
I am sure that there are internet fashions just as there are fashions in everything else.
I was reminded of this because another good friend C..., a nun who runs a place for unaccompanied children (refugees without an adult to care for them) reminded me of when the friend whose affairs I have been handling tried to make a birthday cake.
C... had never had a birthday cake. It was not part of her culture but there we all were at university together and E.... decided that C... needed a birthday cake. E was not, as I mentioned earlier, a cook of any sort but she thought she could manage a packet of cake mix. After she had bought it she realised she did not have a cake tin and, as we were all living in a hall of residence,  there was no oven either. 
She was not deterred. She would, she informed us, cook it in an electric frying pan. Remember them? I suppose they might still be around but I have not seen one in a long time. I told her I did not think that would work but she was determined to try.
E... mixed the batter and poured it straight into the frying pan. Disaster. It was made worse by the fact that she had not even greased the pan. We cleaned up the mess and all went out to the bakery in Conduit Street instead.
No, not practical my friend but she could laugh at herself. If she had written a blog I am sure it would have been full of such things.

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