Thursday, 11 September 2014

There were a lot of people

at the Showground yesterday. I am not fond of crowds, especially not the sort of crowds intent on looking at things rather than where they are going. I dislike being at risk of being knocked over or having my rear paws trodden on or run over.
But, I had promised to be there. I pedalled off and went through the back streets. They are always interesting. Watching other people leave for work is interesting - so much grim determination to get the day over and done with is rather alarming.
There is supposed to be a new bicycle rack in the car parking area I needed to use. I asked the man at the little sentry box. He smiled and shook his head and told me, "No, you put that one up there - where I can keep an eye on it."
He indicated a railing just behind the sentry box. Very nice! I was not arguing with that. (I later discovered the bicycle rack a considerable distance away.)
And then, before I had reached the area I was working in for the day, I met three people I knew - all separately.
"Gidday Cat!", "Hi Cat!" "Hello Cat, what ya' doin' here?" Yes, it is a small city.
The entrance I used is the one closest to the area I was working in but you need to go through part of Sideshow Alley. I avoided the bubble blowing machine but I must admit great soapy rainbow bubbles are rather fun!
Inside the big hall - and it is very big - I met two more people I know by sight. One person is working there all week.
"Very quiet yesterday Cat. Today should be much busier."
Right. This is the business end of town, mattresses, beds, chairs, spa baths, felt hats, t-shirts, coffee machines and more.
And on into the atrium.
The quilts look good. I have a sort of love-puzzlement relationship with quilts. I can see no point in cutting up fabric just to sew it together again but I do admire the end results. I can appreciate the hours of work and skill that goes into making them. I do not understand making these things just to fold them away into drawers. If I made one I would want it to be used.
I put the knitting out and prowl around the space to make sure I know what is where. I didn't help to put these up. It requires men on ladders to lift some of them.
Some women who belong to an "egg artistry" group arrive. They settle themselves at a table and begin work. I understand that even less than the business of quilt making. At least quilts can be used.
My friend turns up a little later than expected. She looks harassed. The train she intended to catch was running late and it was over-crowded so she, sensibly, waited. We knit. We watch people coming into the area. No, this is a no food or drink area. You may not come in with four children all eating. Yes, that was made by a group. That one over there was made by a group too - yes, young people. The pattern on these? It's a pre-war pattern from the old Chronicle newspaper.  We explain. We put on white gloves and lift them so that quilting enthusiasts can "see the other side".
My friend shows someone a knitting technique. I take off the vest I am wearing so that someone can have a "proper" look at it.
The Convenor for the area arrives after her morning brunch meeting with the other convenors. We talk about next year's quilt challenge and what alterations might be made to the knitting section.
Next year? Oh yes, there will be a next year - or so she tells me. You will be available?
Mm - I suppose I might be. A lot can happen in a year. I hope the Show is there.

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