Saturday, 6 September 2014

The floor is still littered with

the contents of the china cabinet. Remember? I cleared it out some weeks ago. The Middle Cat was supposed to come and collect the rest two weeks ago. She has not got around to it. I threatened to put it, in small quantities, in the tricycle basket and take it off to the local charity shop.
No! Don't do that! I will do it. Just give me some time to get some boxes.
Now the Middle Cat informs me that she will be here this morning. I will  believe this when it happens.
A neighbour came in from across the road yesterday. The Senior Cat asked him if he would like to take anything. He laughed and then, looking more serious, said, "Actually I could do with a mug if you really want to get rid of something."
He has taken a mug. I had put it on the pile because it was one the Middle Cat used to use quite frequently. I had thought she might like to have it again.
I said nothing. I doubt the Middle Cat would even be aware of it but, if she is, then she should have been faster.
I had put other things to one side. There are other mugs and plates made by my late uncle. They are not good examples of the potter's art. He was learning new techniques and experimenting in those days. He gave them to my mother because they could be used - but not, he said, for guests. The Senior Cat does not want to keep them. He takes the sugar for his tea from a bowl made by his brother. It is enough for him. I am not even sure he likes the bowl but he continues to use it.
I wondered about that and some other ugly things - a particularly hideous hand-painted pink and gold plate is just one item and a politically incorrect plate with a naked indigenous child is another. We kept them for years. They were given to us. People might be upset if we passed them on. I hate upsetting people.
Our friend Polly is coming this afternoon. She has, she tells me, more yarn for me.
"Now Cat," she tells me, "I don't expect you can use it but pass it on to anyone who might - and tell them they don't have to use it either. Someone will."
It's an entirely sensible attitude. It makes me feel much better about accepting it. I wish I could feel that way about all unwanted things.

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