Sunday, 28 September 2014

The football grand final

meant it was quiet in the library yesterday afternoon. It was quiet as I pedalled my way there and back too. A few people were out gardening in the unexpectedly warm weather and one person walking his dog.
Would there be anyone at the knitting session? Oh yes. The usual people turned up. It seems that little group is not in the least bit interested in football.
There must be other people who are not interested either because there was one of the library "book" groups next door as well as some borrowers nervously eyeing the new check out system.
The Senior Cat was out at the hardware/garden centre when I got home. He returned a little later and commented on how quiet it was.
"Football grand final," I told him.
He grunted.
"Yes, they had it on a TV screen down there."
He is not interested in football. Then he gave a little laugh and said, "Remember the time when M.... insisted on taking me?"
Oh yes. M... is his cousin's son. M... is fanatical about sport. When the Senior Cat admitted he had never been to a football match M... decided the situation had to be rectified. He would collect the Senior Cat, pay for the ticket, buy him the traditional pie at half time and see him home again. M's... wife and I looked at one another and shrugged. The Senior Cat, always game for a new experience went.
He understood absolutely nothing about the game but he had a wonderful time people watching. M's... team lost. They still tease each other about the experience. M... will phone occasionally and tell him to "turn the telly on and watch..." football or cricket or tennis. The Senior Cat just laughs. He is not interested and neither am I.
I made the afternoon cup of tea for the Senior Cat while he watered a plant he had "rescued" and, as he came inside, he said with a rather wicked look on his face,
"You know when I am next talking to M... I can tell him I watched the grand final...for at least twenty seconds."


jeanfromcornwall said...

Years ago, OH and I always reckoned that Cup Final afternoon (football, May) was the best day to do serious shopping - the sort where you need space and time to compare items and prices. It was so much easier with so few people around.

catdownunder said...

that sounds eminently sensible to me - if you can get the attention of the salesperson!