Wednesday, 23 March 2016

I am sitting here shaking so much

it is hard to hit any key, let alone the right key on the board.
My friend Z has been injured in the attacks in Brussels. He lives there. He's a good, very good, decent, honest, caring individual. He's a Quaker, a committed pacifist. He has spent much of his life in developing countries working on hydro-engineering projects.  His work has often been done under difficult and very dangerous conditions. He is the man who has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for our mutual friend who runs the centre for  unaccompanied children in Africa. He cares about people in a way very few people do.
Brussels should have been safe. Yes, I know any of us could have an accident at any time but this was no accident. It was a deliberate act of senseless violence against ordinary people going about their lives. This is about killing people, innocent people who have done the killers no harm at all. 
It makes no sense. 
In her e-mail to me his wife says he will recover but that's not the point. It shouldn't have happened.
Keep him in your thoughts please.



Helen Devries said...

He'll certainly be in our thoughts. Members of our family use that metro station every working could have been them too, but they were lucky.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cat! When you are in touch with them please send my thoughts and best wishes. He's such a gentle man. Elena

southern gal said...

Oh my dear!! Sending prayers to you and your friend and his family. It appears entirely preventable if only the Belgian authorities had been able to work together. Perhaps this will wake them up.

Anonymous said...

All I can offer at this time is a virtual hug.

Gene said...

Yes, good thoughts. That's the least we can do when there is such senseless violence.

catdownunder said...

He's improving - not out of hospital but hopefully by end of coming week.