Thursday, 3 March 2016

"Super Tuesday" was

not really "super" at all. All the action occurred here on Wednesday anyway.
I really shouldn't comment on the US elections. Is it any of my business? 
Well yes, it is. The US is generally considered to be a "super power", one of the most influential countries in the world.  Downunder has a fairly close relationship with the US. Downunder might be a "minnow" swimming next to the shark but it does swim there.  It needs to be careful.
I have been eyeing the "candidates" with interest - and some alarm. The one I think I like the most is unlikely to make it. I don't care for either of the front runners. 
Trump terrifies me. Enough said.
I should be welcoming the idea of a woman at the helm. I might if it was someone else. But - big but - there is something about the  current candidate that is "not quite right" for me. I was never terribly impressed by her in her previous roles. The Presidency would be an even bigger role. I try to imagine her mixing with other leaders of other countries as leader of her country and I find it difficult. 
Perhaps it is just me.
There was an announcement made in Downunder politics too yesterday. The Leader of the current Opposition announced that a high profile indigenous activist was going to fill a casual Senate vacancy. It is an interesting appointment. The appointee is no fool. He has been an outspoken advocate for many years.
After the announcement was made I was talking to an indigenous youth worker I know. He had 'phoned me about something else altogether and I asked if he had heard the news. He had heard it just prior to calling me. I thought he would be pleased. Instead he was cautious. He suggested the new Senator might have continued to do more good "outside politics".
I wonder. Politics is a strange game. Power, real power is stranger still.


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