Wednesday, 9 March 2016

International Women's Day

passed me by with barely a nod. 
I never quite know what to make of any "international" day anyway. It seems to me there is an international day for almost everything now. Some days get "celebrated" more than others too. But International Women's Day was mentioned on the news. There was a "breakfast" somewhere that, under other circumstances, I might have attended. (I put in my apologies like a good little cat.)
And - I really wondered what the point of the day was. 
Yes, I know there is a way to go yet before "gender equality" but does International Women's Day do anything to solve the problems?
As kittens we were not allowed to celebrate "Mother's Day" or "Mothering Sunday". The one time we tried we were firmly rebuffed with the words, "Every day  should be mother's day." We never tried again. Should International Women's Day be like that though? Should every day be International Women's Day? Perhaps it should be - without the rebuff.
I know, and have known, some remarkable women - doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers, other professionals, and women who run their own businesses.  They have, despite the supposed "gender gap", been highly successful. Not all of them have married but most of them have. They have brought up families as well. It hasn't been easy - but they have done it. They have worked hard.  And no, it has not been easy.
These are the women though who, each one of them, have made it just a little easier for the next woman and the next woman. I love the way they have commitment, passion, and energy and the natural ability to organise not just themselves but other people. They all have a "can do that" attitude.
I think that's what we really need. It's an international "I Can Do That Day". 

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