Sunday, 31 July 2016

Do not try to "volunteer" me

for anything. I hate, hate, hate being "organised"  by other people. By that I mean I hate anyone telling me that they have told someone else I will do something - without asking me first.
I hate being "dobbed in" as Downunderites say. It really irritate me. Even in work situations this annoyed me. When I was in the unfortunate position of trying to run a small school (because the headmaster was away more often than not) I would say to the other staff, "Would you mind..." or "Do you think you..." and I would always tell someone who was asking, "I'll ask...." or "I'll have to check..."
Perhaps I am just not dictatorial, autocratic, or confident enough to simply issue orders in most situations. The classroom was fine. I was boss. The children knew I was boss. We knew there were times when negotiation was not going to happen. They behaved accordingly. I did not have discipline issues. But, for me, it is just basic good manners to ask someone if they are willing to do something - particularly something they are not going to be paid to do and will require some preparation.
I sometimes have issues with this in my working life but they have been remarkably few. Almost every volunteer I have come across has recognised that, like them, I am also a volunteer. Most have been patient. If they haven't been it is because the situation really is urgent. They need help NOW. More often than not other people's lives will depend on it.  I can understand that. I can understand being "volunteered" to help in such a situation.
In every day life though? The situation is not urgent. It's not important. It is simply that someone thinks something "might be nice" or just that "Cat could do that" and goes ahead and arranges it - and then informs me.
Middle Cat, whom I love dearly, is inclined to do this. She did it to me yesterday. I put my paw down firmly and said "No". 
She wailed, "But I promised!"
It made no difference. I have said "No" because it is not something I would ever want to do anyway. She knows that of course. It's why she tried to organise me first. She dislikes my "independence" streak and my lack of interest in things she believes I should be interested in. I am a typical "cat". I like to go my own way and choose my own occupations - especially in my limited free time.
I really don't do organising like that. 


Melodye Traupel said...

I hate it, too. Margarethe gave me a tote bag that says "stop me before I volunteer again" b/c I don't know when to say no. And then there are people in addition who do say "oh, Mel, could do that."

Stick to your "catness."

Love from Sister Cat

Anonymous said...

Hah - love that "stick to your catness" Cat - you do more than enough as it is! Chris