Thursday, 28 July 2016

I got yelled at

yesterday. I got yelled at for riding my tricycle across a pedestrian crossing. 
The little green man was in my favour and I was not breaking the law. I am allowed to ride my tricycle across a pedestrian crossing. There is a good reason for me to do this. I couldn't walk my tricycle over in the time given. I would hold the traffic up. 
The police know this. I have, at various times, had the cops move their mobile radar devices out of the way for me, let me through the traffic, stop traffic for me and more. 
There were no police around yesterday. There was just an irate motorist. I had dared to use the pedestrian crossing. It meant he had to stop and wait for me. He was furious.
Heads turned. The bus driver waiting at the nearby layover stop looked out and jumped down and came towards me. 
"You okay mate?" he asked in heavily accented English.
A parcel delivery man looked up from the back of his van and looked at me.
"What was that about?"
 I was feeling a little shaken. The language of the irate driver had been rather "strong" to put it mildly. We agreed though that I was "okay" and I pedalled on - on the footpath.
There are two more sets of lights in the next few hundred metres. I used the next set of lights along with a couple of pedestrians and came to the second set of lights. 
There was the car. There was the driver who had yelled at me. There was a  police car. There was a policeman. 
I don't know what the driver had done this time. I don't want to know. I pedalled on as quickly as I dared. He was probably blaming me.


Melodye Traupel said...

I can only hope that the driver got a ticket and a huge fine whether for his incredibly offensive behaviour to you or for something else. I'm so sorry, Cat, that you had such a frightening experience.
Sister Cat

Allison said...

Now there's karma at work.

Jodiebodie said...

Have comfort that you were not the problem as evidenced by members of the public enquiring over your welfare in the wake of abuse from an unreasonable and rude person. If verbal abuse was strong enough to shake a very unshakeable Cat (even in the slightest) than I can't help thinking about the lasting effects of such abuse on people who have to suffer it in their households or workplaces every day.