Saturday, 16 July 2016

Je ne comprends pas,

je ne comprends pas...I don't understand, I don't understand. Why?
I have to confess here that the appalling incident in Nice is something that I have imagined before now. I have had nightmares about just such an attack, of a huge vehicle ploughing through a crowd of people. 
I don't know whether this is too much imagination on my part or what. I am not "psychic". Traffic terrifies me. I don't cross major roads on foot. I know I don't move fast enough for that. It doesn't stop me from having nightmares about gigantic lorries bearing down on me - and me not being able to get out of the way. I am surrounded by other people in the same position and I can't even call out to them. 
My nightmare has nothing to do with foreseeing something. I know that. A psychiatrist would probably make something quite different out of my nightmare. It does however make me wonder about whether such things might occur. And this was such a bloody, awful, hateful, terrifying, and obvious thing to have happen. I just wonder that it has not happened before - and when it will happen again.
I know people will say, "We can't let it happen again" but it will happen. The results this time were too effective. All it took was a lorry, a gun and men who were prepared to die in the belief they will go to heaven and be provided with virgins for having done a  service to their "god". What sort of "god" is that? What sort of "god" condones the killing of innocent people enjoying a night out - a night which young children should be able to enjoy safely?
And now, on my news feed, there are reports of an attempted coup in Turkey. The situation sounds chaotic. It must be terrifying to be caught up in that too. 
I just don't understand what the people who do all these things hope to gain. What are they trying to do? 
Je ne comprends pas.


Place to Stand said...

I don't know but je ne comprends pas non plus. I woke around four listening to radio reports of a coup in Turkey then a programme about Bangladesh - it seems bloggers and atheists and those who express their religion as Christianity can be dragged from cafes and killed by machete. In the name of a God.

Who would have thought using a lorry as a weapon of destruction could ever be a reality ? I go back to Rousseau - what have we learned ? Show me progress.

I had a horrid dream a few nights ago involving my real name - I assumed it was to do with the train station. I see the connection with Nice.

I don't want to say 'what next' but 'what next ? '

Anonymous said...

Je ne comprends pas either.
Bob C-S