Thursday, 7 July 2016

"Tinned tomato soup or a boiled egg?"

I asked the Senior Cat.
A friend called in yesterday afternoon. I was expecting to see her as she calls in on Wednesday afternoons during term time. I am glad she does because she needs "a cuppa and a chat". I also know that this won't go on forever. Her husband is ill and when he is no longer there she will move to the other side of the city to be closer to her children. I'll miss her visits.
I usually do the things I need to do before she arrives - and go on working after she leaves. Yesterday other work intervened and I did not get around to making the soup I planned to make for tea.
I give the Senior Cat his main meal in the middle of the day - on medical advice. I like to think I am fussy about our diet so for me to say "Tinned tomato soup or a boiled egg?" is a rarity. I keep the tomato soup (which the Senior Cat likes) for emergencies.
I had made bread yesterday morning - good, solid rye and grain bread which is a favourite with the Senior Cat. He chose soup to go with it.
I like to cook for the Senior Cat. He is appreciative.  He thanks me. He will still try new things. There are very few things he doesn't like or can't tolerate. Neither of us eat shellfish or offal so I don't cook those things. He eats his greens - just as well as I like my greens. He loves cheese. He likes dessert - fruit with ice cream mostly. (I haven't cooked a pudding  sort of pudding since my mother died as she was the only one who liked them.)
But last night we had tinned soup - and I felt guilty. I must make real soup today. 

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Adelaide Dupont said...

That is very good advice from this medico.

Midday meals do good things for blood sugars and organs.

And so good to see the Senior Cat is appreciative.