Saturday, 9 July 2016

I think I would like Cantori and Decani

to be the next Prime Ministers - jointly. 
If you haven't met Cantori and Decani they are the Cathedral Cats. They rearrange the hymn books to play "castles and dragons". (They leave the prayer books well alone.) They use the hassocks as sleeping mats - leaving hairs to transfer to human clothing. 
Cantori plays the keyboard of the organ and Decani plays the pedals. Neither of them can sing in tune.
They also play soccer in the aisles - with the miniature soccer ball the choirboys gave them the Christmas before last. This often leaves muddy paw prints along the strip of red carpet - also used for turning somersaults and cartwheels. It infuriates the verger and the cleaners. Very occasionally they rearrange the flowers - and they frequently snuff out unattended candles.
They remove mice gently and deposit them in the Dean's house.
They do manage to sit quietly under the first pew during services  - apart from the occasional flick of the tips of their tails. When necessary they put a paw out to waken any canon or dean who has fallen asleep during the sermon. 
Of course they fight over who gets the most tuna and whose turn it is to lick the lid of the yoghurt container.
It is all strictly forbidden of course - but they do it anyway. The two of them know every hiding place in the cathedral. They know the coolest places in summer and the warmest places in winter. They love the pageantry of the church festivals but avoid weddings and funerals. 
The cathedral staff don't quite know what to make of them. They are perhaps irritated and amused in equal measure. 
Unfortunately the Archbishop is genuinely fond of them. He won't release them from their duties to take over the running of the country.


Jan said...

They sound as if they are related to the church mice who have a permanent supply of cheese as a reward for catching a burglar making off with the church's plate. They are herded by Samson the church cat who protects them from dangers their silliness has brought on them.

Anonymous said...

Cat, are you saying what I think you are saying????? Chris

catdownunder said...

Ah Samson!
And yes Chris, possibly.

Allison said...

Cantori & Decani! Thank you for a small glimpse of them!

Melodye Traupel said...

If I lived Down Under instead of Up Over, I could pitch in. I have enough cats to rotate them in and out of office. I would start with Bert and Ernie who are named after my beloved Muppets characters. They are very sweet, kind, and affectionate cats. They are smart, even-tempered and get along with all their feline siblings. Would this qualify them?

Sister Cat from Up Over