Wednesday, 5 October 2016

I need to go through the recipe books

cull some more.
My mother collected recipe books - and never  used most of them. I took a great pile of them to the local charity shop some years ago but there are more there. I didn't even bother to look at them at the time - because I didn't have time. 
They have just been sitting there. They  gather dust. 
I am not that sort of cook. I know what I plan to cook for today's main meal...and tomorrow's main meal. I do plan ahead so that I don't need to go shopping everyday.  I buy, as far as I can, according to the season. 
The Senior Cat is not difficult to feed. He's a very accommodating individual. I can try new things and he will  happily try them too. He will tell me, with a smile, "You can do that again." 
But the notion of getting out a recipe book and trying to follow a recipe with fancy, one off ingredients is not something I do. I suppose I am what you would call "a plain cook". I rarely bake. The Senior Cat no longer uses the amount of energy that requires stoking  with cake and biscuits at morning or afternoon tea.
So, I will go through the recipe books and cull some more and take them around to the charity shop. People seem to buy them. I wonder if they will use them.
There is a problem though. In a little over two weeks I am planning a rare occasion. There will be afternoon tea here. I need to make something. It needs to be slightly special and I need to cater for everyone likely to come.  
There are recipe books there that deal with such events. My dilemma is - do I prowl through them or do I go for something I know I can make? 
What would you like for afternoon tea? Suggestions please!


jeanfromcornwall said...

Some time back you gave us the recipe for Armenian Nutmeg cake, which I tried and enjoyed.
Whatever you do, don't clear out the book that is my treasure - given to Mum by the Australian cousins who visited, it is the "CWA Cookery Book and Household Hints". Compiled from members' recipes, it is full of interesting stuff, with no such things as oven temperatures or esoteric groceries, but all that a farm wife could put together with the most basic of supplies. When I was a teenager in need of a big sugar hit I used to go to the chocolate fudge recipe - problem solved.

Anonymous said...

I am with Jean - Armenian nutmeg cake and don't throw out the CWA book (if you have it!) Chris

helen devries said...

My husband orders recipe books from the super Better World Books in Dunfermline on a regular basis as he takes a fit to try different styles of food....
Having moved I am unpacking books....not just cookery books...and am contemplating a massive turn out of the disappointing ones....but no doubt he will be behind me saying something to the effect of 'we haven't tried that for ages...' and they will all be back on the shelf again.

A favourite cake here is on BBC Good Food recipes under fruit cakes...a marmalade fruit cake.

catdownunder said...

Jean, there is also the other standard cookery book here the "Green and Gold" - also full of useful hints and recipes written by women in this state. Our copy was given to my mother as a wedding present. I still have it and keep it because of the useful hints and the quaint way some of the recipes are written.
Yes, Chris - don't imagine much cake is available where you are right now.
Helen, I have also ordered from Better World Books - but never cookery books. They do sometimes have OOP books I need though.

Place to stand... said...

Personally, blinis and a really lovely thing with quails eggs - I can send a link. As for cakes ...I would look up Nigella Lawson for suggestions ! Good luck !

catdownunder said...

Way to complicated for me Place to Stand - I'll probably end up with scones! Well, a couple of other things too perhaps!