Sunday, 16 October 2016

"Just send it to the Secretary..."

the President said.
No, wait a moment! You will already have the information. I want to know what you are going to do with it. We need to back track.
There was a small - and mercifully short - meeting yesterday. I am, as I have mentioned elsewhere, a Steward for the state's major agricultural and horticultural the knitting and crochet area. (Yes, that IS included.)
One of my jobs is to liaise with the hand knitting guild I belong to so yesterday we had a meeting - before another meeting. It is one of those "I am trying to be cooperative and keep you informed and get some feedback" sort of affairs.
And it all made me wonder about this "keeping you informed" thing. Last week I had reminders from Australia Post to "activate (my) digital mail box". What do I need a "digital mail box" for? I have e-mail. All the Australia Post one would do is send me advertising - presumably via text messages on a mobile 'phone. 
We were both out yesterday morning so someone from the company which provides our internet connection left a message on the answering machine to remind me that "the NBN is now available in your area and we need to talk to you about this". Why? Unless the old system is going to be abandoned then can't we just leave things the way they are? Oh yes, I know you have to try and sell me something I don't need or want. It just so happens though that this household does not download films or music from the internet so we don't need that supposedly super fast service. Oh - just by the way - given the mess that Telstra made of connecting the people across the road I don't think I want to play around with this. They have been without a fully functioning service for almost four months now.    
So yesterday when the President said "just send it to the Secretary" we suddenly came to a halt. How is this flow of information going to work? What is the Secretary going to do with the information? It has to be made available to everyone. It's why you are being given the information. There's the website. That will need to be updated. There's the FB page. It was turned into a "closed" group recently but it can't be closed if information is to be freely available to everyone. There was no reason to turn it into a closed group except that one person thought it was a good idea. There's the guild newsletter - which also goes up on the website. There are meetings. People can get back to me with questions at meetings or on the phone or via e-mail.
Oh yes, all that can be done. There are plenty of ways to communicate.
And there will still be people who don't read, don't listen, don't ask and more. Does it mean I haven't communicated? 

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