Saturday, 29 October 2016

The phone rang a moment ago

I didn't get there in time to answer it because I was outside hanging clothes on the line. The Senior Cat was in the bathroom and didn't hear it until it was too late.
I suppose if it is urgent the caller will try again shortly. I could use the "call back" function I suppose but...if it is more bad news I don't want to know.
We have an answering machine but only turn it on when we leave the house and think someone might call. The Senior Cat does not like answering machines. He is never prepared for one. His messages to other people tend to be long and rambling because he is caught unawares. Mine tend to be along the lines, "This is Cat. I need to speak to you about.... please call me on...." or "This is Cat. I'll try and talk to you at about...." and I leave it at that.
The Senior Cat also claims to find it hard to hear the answering machine...well yes, some people are harder to understand than others and not everyone has the good sense to give their names. I don't think they are necessarily being rude. They are possibly just a bit like the Senior Cat. They don't like using answering machines.
There are answering machines I don't like using either - the automated sort that tell you to press this button and then that one and then another one before, if you are fortunate, you might be allowed to speak to a real human. 
Of course this is "customer service" at its best. My brother-in-law claims to have the answer to all this. He simply pushes buttons at random until someone actually answers the phone. 
I just wish that worked.

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