Tuesday, 11 October 2016

I watched some of the second debate

- with the sound turned off. It was the only way I could handle it.
I know I shouldn't comment on the politics of other countries but I am puzzled. 
There must be millions of people in the United States who are eligible to be President - i.e. they were born there and hold US citizenship - and at least a hundred or more of those should be able to get the financial backing and power to run for President.  So,  how did Americans end up with the current two candidates?
One is completely and totally and utterly unsuited to the job. The other may not be much better. Seriously. One appears good simply because the other is so appalling. 
      "It wouldn't have happened if voting was compulsory" someone told me. I disagree. We have some pretty appalling politicians in Downunder and we have compulsory attendance at the ballot box. It doesn't stop dangerous people running for office, indeed it may encourage them. 
      "It's all about money," someone else at the same conversation told me.
I agree - up to a point. You need money to run an effective campaign.  It costs millions to run an effective campaign.
      "And you need the media on your side," the Whirlwind's father said. I agree with that.
Yesterday there were mixed comments about the debate, especially in the media. Some people are saying one candidate should simply get out of the race - not likely to happen - and others are saying the candidate did well enough to still be in the running. Who said what in the media was entirely predictable here. 
It is why I watched some of the second debate. That failure to shake hands? Interesting - and rude on both sides.  Both candidates lost me there but I persisted a bit longer. Camera angles, close ups, body language and facial expressions caught - and lost - were all interesting. 
Yes, I did learn more about both candidates, much more. No, I did not like what I was learning.
That tip from the PR expert to watch without sound was a good one, a very good one. If you are not distracted by the sound then you can learn a great deal about what someone is saying.
It told me both candidates were lying. 


Southern Gal said...

All politicians lie.
yes that is part of their nature - its not always ON PURPOSE its the nature of being in that 'game'
there is NO WAY you can get someone to be enthusiastic enough about you to vote of you without telling them WHAT THEY want to hear.

i grew up in a state where the default state of a politician is to be corrupt. if they are not they dont even get elected to the lowest of low positions.

so i have NEVER had expectations of honesty from a politician - for me it more about WHO is on their side as advisors and where there money comes from - those two factors are the more important and telling criteria

think of younger Bush - he was doomed from the start having all of his father's cronies on his side - to repeating his fathers sins and continuing them.

i am not upset with Hillary - NOT ONE PERSON ON THIS EARTH is perfect. IF the Rep party has NOT spent EIGHT years OBSTRUCTING OBAMA and had got their f**King act together to groom a VIABLE candidate then this would be a horse race

instead they deserve who they have.

the tape on Friday did not surprise me... i was expecting something like that.

the rats are leaving the sinking ship and they deserve to drown.


kayT said...

I came in here to day about the same as Southern Gal. Well put. I'm excited to have the opportunity to vote for a woman for president; I had thought I might die without ever getting the chance.

catdownunder said...

Yes, I know lying is part of the "game" - some are better at it than others.
The thing that concerns me about HC is that she may not have the physical stamina for the position. I wouldn't have minded seeing Elizabeth Warren in the race.

Anonymous said...

I am an American and I am with Catdownunder on this. Trump makes Hillary look better than she really is and the gender factor is also coming into play. She's the better candidate but not the best candidate we could have had. We should have been able to get much better candidates on both sides. (Interesting comment that you "wouldn't have minded Elizabeth Warren" in there. Yes, I think she is intellectually more able than Hillary.)
I'll vote for Hillary simply because she is better than Trump and I know a lot of people will do the same. She won't necessarily make a good President - just a better one.
Andrew Darley (Hope you don't mind me commenting here. I found it by accident when looking for something else.)

Jodiebodie said...

Those words above: money, corruption, lies etc.

Trump reminds me of Clive Palmer

They both want to influence politics to suit their personal business agendas. Their attitudes: If you can't get your way from outside the government, try to get inside the government to change things to give your business interests an advantage.

Another attraction to run for parliament or president for these men is funding from political donors with the temptation to perhaps look after the campaign funds in corrupt private business coffers?

As for all bullies, it's all about ego and wanting control (and maybe for these two men, a desperate bid for more 'play money' as well)

Did you see the way Trump was standing very closely behind Clinton during her turn to speak to an audience member? It looked very menacing; literally a 'standover' man as he appeared to be standing over her shoulder "trying to look big".

Both Trump and Palmer are famous for bullying to get their own way and having tantrums like 2 year olds. We saw some of that during the 2nd debate.

What disturbed me most is Trump's impulsive campaign promise to target Hillary Clinton personally. Are we back to the days of witch hunts? Who's next on Trump's persecution list? I saw a man with a dangerous temperament on the TV yesterday and I fear for the consequences should he be given any more power.

Some people say Trump is a successful business man. I say he is not. I say he is more like a successful con man. He successfully conned the Republican party members to let him represent their party but do you think they got what they wanted? (Southern Gal suggests they got what they deserved). "I know it, you know it, everybody knows it!" (Trump's own words!)

I like your suggestion about watching the debate with the sound down. Might try that with the next debate. (Why they would even bother with another debate is beyond me. I can't see the point.) Thanks for the post and for all the comments. Fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Now I know how to watch all political debates...brilliant idea Cat!
Trump really is a loathsome individual but Clinton unnerves me as well. Pity Obama is going - as politicians go I rather liked him.
Bob C-S