Monday, 23 January 2017

A head full of ideas

is not conducive to a good night's sleep. 
I came home from the second day of the craft class with "ideas"... other people's ideas as well as my own. 
It wasn't so much my knitting class. They were all so nice - and so kind to me. They probably weren't aware of it but they taught me a lot.
No, it was one of them saying she wanted classes on other things and then my friend S.... wandering in to look at the books I had  brought along and saying, "We could do this...and...or we could do that...and yes, this!" 
I almost never get the chance to bounce those sort of balls of ideas around with someone else. I don't belong to the embroidery group because I can't embroider and, realistically, I'll never be able to embroider. My paws just don't do that sort of thing. I can knit and I can crochet and I am going to have to be satisfied with that - and work within my physical limitations.
But, I can still have ideas and I don't mind the idea of working with someone else to achieve some of them. What is more I would like to be able to share those ideas with a group and see what they make of them. 
There was only one of my students yesterday who didn't get far. She was older than the rest and said she had "never tried anything like that before" but she thought she would be fine when she sat down quietly at home and worked through it again. I hope she is. Everyone else achieved something. I admit I was anxious about two of them but they went off and did their "homework" and, because of that, they came back and achieved something. All but one student turned up early on the second day - so early we could, apart from the missing students, have started a half an hour earlier!
Keen? I suppose they were.
I asked them to fill out assessment sheets - for the people who asked me to run the class and another one for me...both were simple. I wanted to know where they thought my weaknesses in presentation were. And yes, the one of you who reads this on a regular basis - if you ever do another class with me I will give you more to do next time  because you were way ahead of everyone else. 
I have thought of things I could do slightly differently, ways I could add clarity to my explanations - and more.
No, it wasn't that which kept me awake. It was the new ideas. It was wanting to  get on with them "now", indeed "right now". I know I can't do them "right now" for a number of reasons but ...
I am going to take an hour today and put some of the ideas on paper so I can bounce those balls of ideas around with other people later. It might be a lot of fun.

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Anonymous said...

Always important to make some scribbles when the head is overflowing with ideas!