Sunday, 29 January 2017

Burglar alarms

are fine - as long as they don't go off in the middle of the night. 
No, I don't mean that they should not do their job. That would be ridiculous. It is when they decide to have a little fun by playing their raucous noise and there is no cause for it that I get thoroughly irritated.
There is a main road about a kilometre from us. On it is a business which apparently has a faulty burglar alarm. It has a distinctive sound and, if it starts to sound an alarm, the whole district must be able to hear it - apart from people like the Senior Cat. What it must be like living closer to it I cannot imagine. If it wakes me then it must surely wake other people? I know the business has had many complaints about it. 
Our former neighbours across the street had a burglar alarm. It was a very sensitive creature. The slightest hint of intrusion would set it off. The owner, an IT expert, did some rapid research and adjusted it so it was a little less so but it would still give out a false alarm now and then during the day. It was irritating, especially as I was the one who had to go over and check and then reset it. But, it never went off at night because  it was only turned on when they were out and they never went away for the night without someone else being in the house. 
We have a security system but it doesn't include that sort of noise.
Several more neighbours have a similar arrangement. There are people further afield who do have raucous alarm systems but they seem to manage to keep them under control. 
But, last night, the alarm at the business went off again - not once, but three times. Will it be enough for the owner to jump up and down and do something about it? 
Somehow I doubt it.

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