Friday, 13 January 2017

Star Trek? I have never

seen Star Trek. I know, I know... there is a lot of other television I have never seen either.  It was mentioned yesterday and,although I know the phrase "Beam me up Scotty" and I have a vague idea about one or two of the characters - a Dr Spock? -  I really don't know anything more than that.
As for other well known programs,I have caught glimpses of some things. I have heard about others.
Yes, we do have a television set. Yes, I do watch television most days.
I watch the first half hour of our international news service - and then I turn the television set off. I prowl off and do other things instead.
There are things I think I would like to watch sometimes - mostly documentary programs - but I really don't have time time. I don't have time to watch television and read too.
I have (almost) mastered the art of knitting and watching television at the same time. I have not mastered the art of reading a book and watching television at the same time. Can it be done? If someone can explain then I will endeavour to do it. 
I know I have missed out on a lot. I am acutely aware of it when other people start talking about something they have watched. I also know that I won't be able to talk to them about a book I have read - because they won't have read it. Even my reading time was reduced last year - and as for writing.... 
Let it be said here that I most definitely do not resent the extra time it now takes to look after the Senior Cat. He is the most important human in my life and he deserves the very best care and attention. But, it does mean there is less time for other things.
He doesn't watch television either. He doesn't even bother with the news any more. Occasionally he will watch a DVD - if it is likely to prove funny and make him laugh. He doesn't want what he refers to as "doom and gloom" in his life.
No, we don't listen to radio either. We have a small, battery operated radio for emergency purposes. If our power is out and there is a fire in the hills behind us then we might need to know what is going on and evacuate. It's unlikely but it is wise to be prepared.
I like silence. I can't work with noise around me - well, I might but I would not be as efficient. Noise, especially the incessant chatter of commercial radio, irritates me.
All this does of course mean that I am not a terribly well educated cat. It is just as well I have kind human friends who are prepared to explain all those complicated bits of physics in things like Star Trek. 


Philip C James said...

No. NO! The Radio Four programme is called I HAVE NEVER SEEN STAR WARS...

I doubt it's broadcast in Oz (but surprise me!); the format's each week an invited guest gets to do three fairly ordinary things they've never done before and report back of them. Well, it passes the time before the Archers starts.

The Archers is an everyday tale of farming folk and...

catdownunder said...

There is a Radio Four programme called that???? Good grief. No, I don't think it is broadcast here... but I suspect if I listened to the Archers I could pick up where I left off all those years ago - although Shula must surely long since have departed?

Philip C James said...

Shula's still going strong but sadly Sara Coward (who played Caroline Sterling) died recently :(((

I had a soft-spot for Caroline, she had a very distinctive voice. SC wanted someone else to take her character forward but I feel it'll never be the same without Sara's voice...