Friday, 27 January 2017

Domestic abuse is a

subject I take very, very seriously. I also know that it can take many forms - not all of them visible.
Yesterday I was sent a link to an article which appeared in a media format which many people read. It accused the wife of the new President of the United States of being a victim of domestic violence. What, the person who sent it to me, did I think?
I have not Mr Trump or Mrs Trump. I do not like what I have seen of Mr Trump and I haven't seen enough of Mrs Trump to form an opinion.  My reaction still was, "The article was not helpful."
I can understand why it was written. There is a lot of anti-Trump material in the media. Politicians are prone to being very publicly criticised and it seems there is plenty to criticise here. My guess is Mr Trump won't see a full term. He will be impeached or assassinated or something else will happen. Be careful what you wish for though because his replacement may be more dangerous. 
But, back to the "domestic violence" article. It was all conjecture. It was based on things like "not walking together" and "she was turning away from him" and the fact that their youngest son didn't want to hold hands in public. None of that is proof of domestic abuse. If thoughtlessness is domestic abuse then we are all guilty of it. I may be wrong but my guess is that Mr Trump is more aware of himself than other people. It doesn't make him an abuser but it does make him guilty of being thoughtless, boorish, rude, difficult to live with and a few other things. None of them are traits I admire and they are not good in anyone, least of all someone who should be setting an example. 
The youngest son in the Trump family is what, eleven or twelve years old? He's at a vulnerable age any way. I  have seen a previous article, sent to me by the same informant, accusing   him of being "autistic". I wonder if it has occurred to anyone that here is a boy whose Dad has just become President. It's about the worst thing that could happen to a boy of that age. How does he keep the friends he has? How does he make new friends? There is around the clock security. His friends get vetted. He doesn't get to do birthday parties, sports, hanging out, sleepovers or anything else without every detail being many people are going to be willing to invite him under those circumstances? Do other kids still want to be friends? 
As children my siblings and I were "the head's kids" because the Senior Cat was the headmaster. We were also the grandchildren of someone else. Even recently someone said to me, "Of course you're B's granddaughter" - and my paternal grandfather has been dead for forty years. I am proud of him. I am proud of my father. It is still a little odd though to be referred to in this way.
But, imagine young Barron Trump. He would be finding it tough even if his father was the most popular president in history. His father isn't popular and that makes it even harder.
Conjectural articles like the two I have seen are designed to undermine the President. Yes, I do understand why they are being written but unless Mrs Trump wants to come out and say, "I am being abused" or "Yes, our son is autistic" then such things should not be published. They don't help the very serious issues around domestic violence or autism. They may actually hinder those things. They are also making it even harder for kids like Barron Trump. 
We don't choose our parents - but it makes me appreciate the Senior Cat all over again. He's been a marvellous father. 

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Anonymous said...

Well said Cat! I feel very, very sorry for the child. Bob C-S