Monday, 16 January 2017

How (not) to use Twitter 101

should be a compulsory subject before anyone is allowed to have a Twitter account - and yes, I include myself. 
It would have been useful to know any number of things before I started to use Twitter. Twitter has of course proved extremely useful. I have "met" any number of people through Twitter. That's a good thing.
I hope I don't leave a trail of annoying cat hairs on Twitter. We cats can never be too sure about that sort of thing. I try to follow along quietly and not get in the way of humans I don't know. You can never be too sure whether they like cats or not. On occasion I have prowled a little too close - and then been kicked out of the way.
Then there was yesterday. 
I made a remark to someone else yesterday. We exchange remarks occasionally. He is a newspaper columnist. I am merely a cat who occasionally writes to the papers and happens to write a blog. He knows that. 
I know I should have kept my remarks to myself but I was so thoroughly fed up with another columnist and author by then that I sent the tweet off without thinking. Oh.  
I just said I could write a better column than this person...and yes, I still think I can. She makes a name for herself by being deliberately controversial, by adjusting information to suit herself, and generally being an outrageous "feminist". 
It is a way of approaching life, the world, and your job - but it isn't one I care for.  I don't care for it because it relies on something other than trying to master the demanding art and craft of writing well.  There are clearly other people who believe the same thing - if the reviews of her book are anything to go by.  Of course the publicity machine worked for her. She knows how to use every social media platform to her advantage - and does it. Her book has had a lot of "exposure" on Twitter.
I wonder how many people will actually read the book. They may borrow it or buy it. They may start it  - but they won't necessarily read it to the end. 
Her views are not my views - and that's fine. I don't agree with everyone. I don't expect them to agree with me. What got me though was other people telling me that I shouldn't hold my views. My views are, it seems, wrong - and unacceptable. It seems that, simply because someone has had an actual book published and I haven't, this person is a "better writer" than I am. Perhaps she is - or perhaps we are just different. 
It didn't make any difference to my critics - even though they had never read anything by me apart from one tweet. Apparently that is how to use Twitter.
I really must do Twitter 101. 

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