Wednesday, 12 July 2017

A new bed and

a new mattress are due to be delivered today - for the Senior Cat. He is, as he will ruefully tell you, a shockingly restless sleeper. He tosses and turns and twists.
I hear him. (These days I sleep with "one ear open" in case he needs help.) 
His bedclothes are a jumbled mess in the morning. I make the bed "from scratch" again. 
     "Did you sleep well?" I will ask him after I know he has had a particularly restless night. He will nod and say something like,
     "Not too badly."
Of course, at 94, he does get up in the night - more than once. He takes a little white pill before bedtime too. (And he has a siesta.)
When he was very young his mother used to pin the bedclothes on with giant size safety pins...just so he would stay warm.
 When he married my mother they came to an arrangement...they slept in single beds. Even so he was so restless he would keep her awake and because the beds were, for the most part, side by side, there was still a danger of my mother being woken by an arm or leg being flung out.
The bed he now has been repaired twice - by himself. He couldn't do it again. Middle Cat and I eyed it off and declared, "You are getting a new bed."
He remonstrated. I told him I didn't want it collapsing completely in the middle of the night. Thankyou. 
So, a new bed is coming today. A new mattress is coming today too. The old one has had all those years of acrobatics performed on it. He needs it.
My sleeping mat is old too. The base is fine. It is an old "divan" type bed. It was made by one of my former maths teachers. He left it with us when he went off to London. He never came back. The mattress was not new then.I have invested in a new one.
I would like to think this will mean a good night's sleep for both the Senior Cat and me.
I am also certain that the Senior Cat will still toss and turn - and so will I.

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