Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Chinese website

I used yesterday had some of the usual rather quaint English. Apart from that it was not difficult to negotiate, indeed less difficult than some other websites I have come across. 
They did not have my usual means of paying for things on the internet so I used a credit card. 
What????? The Senior Cat was alarmed.  I soothed him with a gentle pat and told him, "It's all right. I used a post office credit card. There was less than a hundred dollars on it...just enough to pay for what I needed to get and keep the card alive."
Oh...he stopped looking so anxious but muttered, "I still don't like it."
Well, I don't like it very much either. Nevertheless it seems to be the modern way of doing things. 
I don't have a regular bank credit card. I inquired about one of these some years ago. Yes, they would be more than happy to give me one - even on my limited and variable income. I decided against it.
I keep a debit card - again, a very limited amount - that I can draw on as necessary. 
I know how to pay the household bills. I know how our joint finances work. The Senior Cat shows me everything and, sometimes, I will do the necessary transactions. It is however something he can still do himself and, while he can, I would rather let him.  It would worry me if he didn't involve me. There are too many people who have no idea how to pay the bills because their partners have always done it.
But the Chinese website? I paid the small amount they were asking for and, at the end of the transaction, they asked me if I wanted to set up an account with them. I declined. 
All I wanted was a spare part for a kitchen appliance. It means I can go on using the appliance. I won't have to buy an entire new appliance.
It's a useful way of doing things - but I am not going to link a credit or debit card with more money than I need to spend at the time to any site on the internet.

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