Saturday, 8 July 2017

The "world's biggest battery"

is supposedly going to be built here...or is it?
Now dear humans please don't misunderstand me, as a cat I am all for this renewable energy business. I like the idea of the sun rising and warming my sleeping spots (not too much though please) and then setting at night when I am comfortably inside. 
I don't mind the idea of wind power - although it can ruffle my fur when there is too much of it. Wave power? Well, if you can do it that is fine too...only, as a cat, I am not keen on wet paws. Hydrogen? Well if sea levels are rising then it might make sense to find a way of splitting that H2O stuff into hydrogen and oxygen and using the result.
But, a battery? I know you humans have problems with batteries. The Senior Cat in this household has problems with batteries. There are the teeny, tiny batteries he uses in those things to help him hear me. There are the batteries which power those shiny things he uses to see because, unlike cats, he can't see in the dark. There are batteries in other things...I really don't understand. We cats don't need batteries. 
We like electricity. It can help to keep us cool or warm - without effort on our part. It can warm our saucers of milk. It provides a certain degree of entertainment...all very useful. Thank you, we can still catch our own mice and drink water.
I don't know about this battery. It will be very big. It will only provide a limited amount of electricity, not enough to solve the problems you humans seem to have. How do you keep putting the electricity in and getting the electricity out? Will it go "flat"? Do you have to replace it the way you replace other  batteries? Won't it cost a lot?
I really don't know. I hope you humans know more than I do. 

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